Adam Gerling is a Southern California native and has been providing piano tuning and repair in the greater Los Angeles area and Orange County since 2012. He offers a unique set of skills and experience from an ongoing interest with music, recording, the music industry in general, and instrumental technology regarding both piano and brass instruments.

Services and Skill Experience:

  • In-the-field piano tuning and repair experience since 2012

  • Regularly tune and repair for private homes (amateurs and professionals alike), churches & schools, school districts, concert venues, recording studios, restaurants/bars, & event locations

  • Ability to tune with great precision aurally with or without electronic tuning aids

  • Ability to diagnose and remedy stuck/sluggish keys with any number of repair procedures

  • Ability to measure and replace broken strings and splice if necessary

  • Familiarity with the process of action regulation, including the proper removal and installation of the action from the instrument, for grand and vertical pianos.




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Professional Piano Tuning and Repair in Southern California

Adam Gerling Piano  Tuning & Repair