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The following list of prices includes a brief description of included services:

Standard Tuning Fee:   $140.00

This is the minimum tuning charge and the typical price for well-maintained pianos that have been kept in tune at A4 = 440Hz 

Pitch Raise:   additional $45.00 to standard tuning fee

It is important to keep your piano tuned to the correct pitch A=440Hz. After forgoing tuning for many years, a piano will drop in pitch, essentially going flat. This causes the piano to lose its maximum resonance and tone, and can make things very frustrating for students as well as professionals who want to learn pieces "by ear" and play along with recordings or apps.

Repair/Labor:     $60.00/hour

The above rate applies for repair/maintenance services requested in a visit including one of the above tuning services. 

Minimum Service Charge:   $75.00

This includes house call visits for repairs and maintenance such as sticky keys, pedal adjustment/repair, squeaks, etc. without the request of tuning.

Adam Gerling Piano  Tuning & Repair

Precision Piano Tuning and Repair in LA /OC since 2012

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