The following list of prices includes a brief description of included services:

Regular Precision Tuning:     $125.00

This is the minimum tuning charge and the typical price for well-maintained pianos that have been kept in tune at A4 = 440Hz 


Advanced Precision Tuning:     $175.00

Almost all modern pianos built within the last 100 years were designed to sound best tuned at A4 = 440Hz (+/- 2Hz). When a piano goes many years, or even decades, without being tuned, it loses its pitch. For example, if a piano has never been tuned after leaving the showroom floor, it may be found to be a half-step flat or more. Therefore, many first-time tunings require an extra pitch-raising step (or two) where the proper tension is introduced back to the strings/wires for a proper precision tuning to be done. It is highly suggested if your piano is not at pitch that this service be included the first visit. 

Repair/Labor:     $60.00/hour

The above rate applies for repair/maintenance services requested in a visit including one of the above tuning services. 

Minimum Service Charge:   $75.00

This includes house call visits for repairs and maintenance such as sticky keys, pedal adjustment/repair, squeaks, etc. without the request of tuning.

*All prices are subject to change without notice

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